A collection of some of my work over the years.
Drawing of a harpie from greek mythology
Digital Drawing
Drawing of different faces.
Many Parts of Me
Digital Drawing
Abstract drawing
Portrait of Night & Day
Digital Drawing
Abstract drawing
Digital drawing
Abstract face
Digital drawing
abstract figure
Digital drawing
Deer at night
Deer at Night
Digital Artwork
abstract drawing of a hand
Digital Drawing
abstract drawing of a person looking at the sun
Solstice Sight
Digital Drawing, 32" x 32"
abstract drawing of remorse
Digital Drawing, 32" x 40"
abstract figure floating in the sky
Arrival and Departure
Digital drawing, 60" x 40"
Thoughts growing like tree branches
Growth Mindset
Digital drawing, 32" x 32"
abstract drawing of a person thinking
Perspective #1
Digital drawing, 32"x32"
abstract drawing of a man thinking
Stream of Consciousness
Digital drawing, 32" x 40"
abstract drawing of a person thinking
Mosaic Study
Digitial drawing, 30" x 30"
abstract image of someone thinking
Thought Process
Digital drawing, 20" x 25"
drawing of a bird taking flight
Taking Flight
Digital drawing, 20" x 20"
abstract drawing of a head
Anatomy of Sense
Ink on cotton rag, 12"x12"
drawing of a woman and her thoughts
Emotional Embrace
Graphite, ink and watercolor on cotton rag, 8"x10"
abstract drawing of chaos
Collecting Chaos
Digital drawing, 20"x20"
a drawing of two faces looking away from each other
Intersection of Division
digital drawing, 20"x20"
abstract drawing of a sun and moon
Sun & Moon
Digital drawing, 20"x20"
drawing of the sun
Solar Lunar
Digital drawing, 25"x25"
drawing of a man thinking
Digital drawing, 20"x20"
two opposing heads drawing
Alter Ego
digital drawing, 20"x20"