A collection of some of my work over the years.
Abstract drawing
Digital drawing
Abstract face
Digital drawing
abstract figure
Digital drawing
Deer at night
Deer at Night
Digital Artwork
abstract drawing of a hand
Digital Drawing
abstract drawing of a person looking at the sun
Solstice Sight
Digital Drawing, 32" x 32"
abstract drawing of remorse
Digital Drawing, 32" x 40"
abstract figure floating in the sky
Arrival and Departure
Digital drawing, 60" x 40"
Thoughts growing like tree branches
Growth Mindset
Digital drawing, 32" x 32"
abstract drawing of a person thinking
Perspective #1
Digital drawing, 32"x32"
abstract drawing of a man thinking
Stream of Consciousness
Digital drawing, 32" x 40"
abstract drawing of a person thinking
Mosaic Study
Digitial drawing, 30" x 30"
abstract image of someone thinking
Thought Process
Digital drawing, 20" x 25"
drawing of a bird taking flight
Taking Flight
Digital drawing, 20" x 20"
abstract drawing of a head
Anatomy of Sense
Ink on cotton rag, 12"x12"
drawing of a woman and her thoughts
Emotional Embrace
Graphite, ink and watercolor on cotton rag, 8"x10"
abstract drawing of chaos
Collecting Chaos
Digital drawing, 20"x20"
a drawing of two faces looking away from each other
Intersection of Division
digital drawing, 20"x20"
abstract drawing of a sun and moon
Sun & Moon
Digital drawing, 20"x20"
drawing of the sun
Solar Lunar
Digital drawing, 25"x25"
drawing of a man thinking
Digital drawing, 20"x20"
two opposing heads drawing
Alter Ego
digital drawing, 20"x20"