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Favorite News Feeds

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With the excessive amount of content on the web, it's getting harder to find good writing online. This why I created this ever-growing and changing list of content feeds that I follow that provide consistently good and informative content.

Did I miss something? Should I include something? Reach out and let me know!


Hacker News - Startup News, Technology + Random Things.


Vitalik Buterin - Creator of Ethereum and expert in the field of all things crypto.

Art Discovery

Colossal - Feed of neat art projects and articles on a bunch of other fields of creative expression. Lots of eye candy.

Product Design

Product Hunt - Keeping up to date with some of the most popular new tech products.


Ryan Holiday - personal blog of the author "Ego is the Enemy" and the "Obstacle is the Way" a thought leader in the realm of stoicism.

Nat Eliason - writer and entrepreneur - lots of really interesting articles.

Julian Shapiro - really enjoy the handbooks Julian creates - he is one of the best at breaking down complex concepts.

All Topics

Wait but Why - random articles and always a lot of insight.

Gwern Branwen - a bunch of really interesting articles in a whole gamut of different subjects

Seth Godin - Seth posts every day and usually has some thought provoking insights and topics


goodbooks.io - Recommended books by leaders in all sorts of fields.

Books of Titans - Comprehensive list of books recommended on the Tim Ferriss Podcast.


Coolors.co - one of the best tools I've found for color palette creation.

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